Vintage Maritsa 30 typewriter

1970s’ portable typewriter

This lovely turquoise typewriter was made in Bulgaria in the 1970s’.

It is in good condition, seems to be in working order and types nicely (see photos), the only thing to note is the z key tends to skip forward after it has been typed but you can use the return key to get back to the right place and unless you use the letter z a lot its probably not too much of a problem.

There is some fine surface wear to the plastic body and a few little marks but nothing that detracts, the turquoise plastic is a little darker on the body than on the ribbon cover but again nothing that spoils the look.

The hard plastic carry cover is in nice condition.

Measurements: 30.5cm wide, 31.5cm deep, 8.5cm tall.

Delivery by parcel courier, 3-5 working days.


Sorry item now sold

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