Novembers Antique Fair

November 12, 2013 2:37 pm

Last week I set off to what was once an airfield to hunt out some new items for the website.

It was a lovely dry but cold sunny morning and one thing I have learnt is that this old airfield is terribly windy, so gloves and at least 2 pairs of socks are a must!












My first stop as always was the coffee van, it is essential to have a latte before making any purchases!

Getting to the fair early is always a good idea, its quieter and there are no vehicles allowed in before 10am so you don’t have to worry about getting run over as you navigate the stalls.














There is a vast range of things available at these fairs, some of which can be rather odd, but its always a good idea to rummage as you never know what’s hidden at the bottom of that box of bits and pieces!
















After a good 3 & a half hours of walking, 2 lattes and a boot full of items its time to head back and get this mornings finds, cleaned, repaired, re-upholstered and on the website.

















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