1950s’ Homeworthy Stool Re-upholstery

April 15, 2013 11:04 am

I picked up this lovely little Homeworthy stool from an antique fair recently.







It was definitely in need of some TLC so it was completely stripped back and the legs sanded and re-painted. The stool was originally upholstered using coir and needled wool felt so it seemed only right to use the same process when re-upholstering.








A layer of coir was added first and held in place with upholstery twine.








This was then topped with needled wool felt and a layer of calico to form a seat pad.







Finally a layer of polyester wadding was added and then the top fabric was tacked into place. I do like this fabric and have used it a couple of times and think it has transformed this stool without it losing its 1950’s feel and style.


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